We are electrotechnical business company about the integrator profile and qualified supplier of electric apparatus.


Our wide range of offer we direct to the customers from the industry, infrastructure, producers of machines, general contractors and installers.


We put first for the high level of offered services and development of the permanent market partnership with our customers.


Through applying apparatus about the high level of the technical quality in our technical solutions and for a trade offer - we are caring for the constant satisfaction of the customer from supplies, exploited systems, devices and apparatuses.

We are remaining your local Partner – with company opened to innovations and permanent cooperation.


Our team - there are engineers with long-standing professional experience, about the high professionalism and  big store of the technical knowledge - gotten in leading Polish and international electrotechnical companies – what in combination with the innovation, the responsibility and the solidity of our young engineers - lets us to complete complex and responsible tasks efficiently.


„ In our company the most important is our Customer – so we are working so that - then He returns to us rather than our product ”


As the board of directors of our company ,we have long-standing experience in the electrotechnical business.


Having so extensive contacts in the industry and rich experience  we can develop  our private company founded by us .
Because position of our company on the Silesia's industrial market have been growing consistently,  particularly in mining , metallurgy and industry - we will undertake the cooperation with foreign producers and suppliers of electric apparatus.

We are interested particularly with  LV and MV apparatus for using to the industry  and also electric special apparatus with certifications to use in the mining.
We are also interested with implementations of new brands of products of companies which already have and which  don't  still have their representations on the Polish market.


We invite you  to  cooperate !


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